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Han picciol vanto le gemme là, dove n'abbonda il mare: son tesori fra noi, perché son rare (Temistocle)

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  • Sfera da Massaggio in Sale Himalayano

  • Green soldier who planted one crore trees dies with sapling

    Green soldier who planted one crore trees dies with saplings in hand

    In his lifetime, he managed to plant over 160 species in and around his village

    ALMORA: Kunwar Damodar Singh Rathore, who was awarded Indira Priyadarshini Vriksh Mitra Award in 2000 for planting almost a crore saplings, breathed his last at the age of 91 in Pithoragarh on Wednesday. He was admitted to the district hospital of Pithoragarh on May 25 after he fell ill when he went to douse a forest fire at his village in Bhanora in Didihat tehsil.

    In the last days of his life, Rathore faced severe breathing problems and had difficulty speaking, but until the end he did not part from his "friends" - the saplings - and carried many plants from his nursery to his hospital room. According to locals, three days before his death, the physically weak but determined green soldier marched on and distributed 4,000 saplings to schoolkids who paid him a visit at the hospital.

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